How can I lose fat from...


One of the most frequent questions we are asked at BTB HQ, is "How can I lose fat from... (insert problem area here)?

Fat loss is very much generalised across the body. There’s no specific exercise or system to lose fat from a single targeted area.

If you are advised by someone, that this can be achieved, please walk away.

Its just not true.

For example a tennis player has a dominant arm and shoulder that they repeatedly strike the ball with however if you was to measure the fat volume of both the left and right arm there would be no SIGNIFICANT difference as fat is used and “burned” as a general full body source.

The mid section, bottom, thighs, and lower back are common areas in which many people carry a concentrated high percentage of there body fat.

This doesn’t mean that it is an area that we don’t work hard enough in the gym. Its just the bodies natural way to store fat.

The extent of fat stores is determined by your energy balance over time. (calorie consumption vs output)

Building muscle in specific areas is very much possible. Building your abs that have fat deposits over the top still prevents visibility and isn’t as important when looking for better shape in this area.

The way to losing fat from the troublesome areas, is to trust the system your working on.

If you have seen results so far from your training and nutrition, there’s no reason that it will stop working as long as you avoid deviating from your plan and adapt the overload of both training and nutrition as you progress.

Ab exercises are good for building strength and muscle volume of abs, however they don’t directly use up many calories meaning fat loss isn’t as optimal.

To achieve better shaped or visible abs, the fat loss is the more important factor for 99% of people. This is why programming should include bigger compound lifts like squats , deadlifts combined with all the other accessory and condition work such as circuits, with resistance and kettlebells etc, in order to maximise calorie expenditure both in and out the gym.

Maintain consistency in your working approach.

We hope this helps.

If you have any questions on the above and would like some further advice, don't hesitate to reach out -


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