When progress stalls


So last week we looked at why diets fail or stall.

So heres a few pointers too keep you on track...

Mindless eating

So, what do these words that the fitness industry use, actually mean?

Well heres a breakdown of the attributes, that make up the definition of this..

Our food environment can work against us very easily. It’s not always about willpower and motivation if our food environment works against us. And in todays environment, of less time and quick "fixes", this is all too easy to fall into the habit of.


We can try put ourselves in the best environment as possible.

We make around 200+ decisions per day when it comes to food, and most of these are really subconscious decisions based on the moment and emotion.

Here are some simple things you can do to prevent mindlessly eating food that takes away from getting closer to our goal:

1. 20% rule – replace 20% of our plates fats or carbs with vegetables.

2. Eat high volume, low-calorie foods (mostly high protein foods + veg)

3. Try eating in a focused state, away from too many distractions (tv dinner anyone?) Slow down, and take your time. Ideally, meals should last around 15 minutes, minimum!

4. Stop eating when you’re 80% full, less if possible.

5. Keep unhealthy foods out of sight. Don’t have them at your desk or in your home. Simple. You won't be tempted.

If you find this hard, make a date, and a time, and bin them, or better yet donate to a food bank. Many people can benefit from your "luxury treats".

6. Make it harder to get to your “unhealthy” food and easy to get to your healthy food. If you have fresh fruit out in front of you, you’re more likely to go for that. Hide your unhealthy food away somewhere, or do as above :)

“out of sight, out of mind. In sight, in mind”

7. Use smaller plates.

8. When eating out – limit variety. Rather than the starter, main and dessert. Maybe just stick to one or two plates. Make a decision to either have a starter or a pudding when you see the menu.

Think about it... Do you really need all 3.Make it almost a game!

9. Shop with a pre-written list to stop impulse buys.

10. Don't use food as a reward all the time.

So many fall into this trap.

"Oh I'll have a bag of crisps, or chocolate as a treat"

Think about it, if you do that daily or even a couple of times a week, its not a treat, its part of your almost daily intake.

We hope this helps.

If you have any questions on the above and would like some further advice, don't hesitate to reach out - coaching@btb.me.uk


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