But if I lift heavy weights, I'll get big and bulky – wont I?



But if I lift heavy weights, I'll get big and bulky – won't I?

If you can achieve the body of a Greek goddess in 4 weeks without having to lift any weights and while just doing a few sit ups, and endless treadmill sessions, why would you do anything different?

The problem is those promises don’t deliver.

Strength is vital, it's the foundation to which the rest of your training is built on, and this is no different to how we train our male members.

Getting stronger doesn’t necessarily mean getting bigger muscles.

There are a lot of other factors that come into play when it comes to building muscle mass such as being in a calorie surplus, having adequate levels of testosterone (big reason women will not gain substantial levels of muscle), training frequency, rep ranges etc.

Becoming “bulky” is actually a lot harder than just lifting heavy weights up and down a few times, just ask a guy who has specifically tried to gain muscle mass how hard it is... And they are hormonally much better equipped to do it.

Here are just a few other benefits to consider when thinking about strength training too:

  • Calorie Burning (increased fat loss)
  • Improved body composition (better shape)
  • Improved mood (hormones)
  • Reduced levels of inflammation (repair)
  • Increased confidence (happier)
  • Increased bone density (less chance of joint problems)
  • Improves sleep (required for recovery)
  • Reduces stress (stress relief)

So for all the females reading this, have no fear – we can assure you with all certainty that you’ll never, ever look like a male as a result of training for strength with heavy weights.

Quite the opposite in fact!.